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Downloading of the gold bars have completed. Again, we will not ask you for any money. What we would like is that you do not forget about us! Soon there will be a great update that will take your sweetness to the next level. There are two options for you:

  • Like our page to obtain the gold bars
  • If you really like us you share our page

Why do I need to like or share Candy Crush gold bars?

There are a couple of reasons you should at least like the Facebook page of Candy Crush gold bars. Firstly, the generator just finished the process and the gold bars are waiting for you to get transferred to the Candy bank of your account. Secondly we are trying to reach out to many more Candy Crushers. This is a generator for the public and who can better distribute this website then the players themselves.

How does the Facebook connection works?

Candy Crush is an integrated game in Facebook. At least 70 percent of all the people who play this sweet game are logging in through their Facebook account. With a share or like there will be an instant connection with your account and This connection will last until the gold bars are safely transferred to your account. There are no risks but in some cases it may take some time till they will show up. Usually you may expect the gold bars within 30 minutes.

Can I get the gold bars without Facebook login?

If you do not log in on your Candy Crush account through Facebook you do not have to worry. It will be still possible to transfer the Candy Crush gold bars to your personal Candy bank. After you have liked the Facebook page of you will be taken to the last step of the generator. This step is to keep any spam out of the system. You will be asked to complete an offer. In most countries you will need to fill in your email address or download an app and the offer is completed. For the Candy Crush players you need to chose to fill in you email address. Through your email address the gold bars will get transferred to your Candy bank. The duration of this procedure will be around two to three hours.