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Free Candy Crush lives with gold bars

Candy Crush Saga developed their own currency, called gold bars. The Candy bank has the authority to take care of the exchange rate. For every in app purchase you need to buy gold bars. The gold bars will be set on your account. Once these gold bars will be on your account, may take 24 hours, you can buy all the extra's for Candy Crush Saga. Many people choose for lives and others for booster that you can use during the game.

How to get free Candy Crush lives?

Candy Crush Cheats Free Candy Crush Color BombInstead of transferring the boosters or lives to your account the Candy bank made it possible to give you access to a new feature, Candy Crush Cheats. The new generator can mine the gold bars and transfer them to your Candy account. Just like with the purchases you will have the gold bars in your account within 24 hours. The gold bars are genuine and will therefore give you Candy Crush Saga boosters and lives for free. The Candy bank offers you 500 or 1000 gold bars. We suggest not to use the generator more then once a month. This way there will still be some competition and enough gold bars for other players.

Free Candy Crush boosters and lives

After you used the generator and you got the gold bars transferred to your account you got two options. One, you get boosters that will support you during the game. Boosters, also known as power ups, can be used before the game or during the game. Every Saga booster can only be used one time. It is possible to buy the boosters or unlock the boosters as you play. This is called unlocking Candy Crush boosters. Examples of boosters are: Lollipop hammer, three extra moves, five extra moves and extra time.
Two, with the gold bars you buy Candy Crush Saga lives. Every 12 hours you obtain one live for free. When you lose all your lives on a level you have to wait for twelve hours to get a new live. In this situation you can use the free Candy lives.

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