Candy Crush Saga Tricks & Tips

Candy Crush Saga tricks and tips are needed

A rainy lazy Sunday, who does not know those days. Hanging on the coach while chatting with your friends. In the meantime you play some Candy Crush. The first lazy Sundays this will not give you any problems, Candy Crush levels are easy and you score some great points! Just when it starts to get interesting the levels turn out to get harder and harder. Firstly you need to start using some boosters to complete a level. Secondly, when that does not help anymore, Candy Crush Cheats will come into play. On average the most people will run the first time out of lives around Saga level 43. When this nasty problem occurs the Candy bank will get into action. The option of buying gold bars pops up on your screen. With the gold bars you can buy lives, boosters or other special moves that will help you during the game. With more then one million paying Candy Crush players it makes it one of the most successful and profitable app games ever. But when you realize there are over thirty million players it does not sound like that much anymore.

Candy Crush Saga tricks

As a matter of fact most Candy Crush players refuse to make any additional in app purchases. However the Saga game is so addictive that everybody would love to continue playing. Cheats are a great Candy Crush Saga trick that will help you throughout your sweet journey. On this website you can find a generator that offers free gold bars. When you make an on page connection with Facebook the gold bars will transfer to your account.

Candy Crush Saga tips

Extensive research have revealed the most valued skills to become a qualified Candy Crush players. This article will sum up the top five skills that you need:

  • Number one, Patience.
  • Number two, Insight.
  • Number three, Tactics
  • Number four, Enthusiasm
  • Number five, Determination

As you can see is patience the best Candy Crush Saga tip and the key to your sweet success. Follow the Candy Crush Saga tricks and tips you just read about and conquer your sweet Candy journey.

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  1. level 153 what is the orders???????????????? stuck on this level keeps saying one more order how do I get off of this level?????????????

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your message. To complete level 153 you have to create a color bomb combination and get 10.000 points in 45 moves. You can create a colorbomb by a combination of 5 same candies. Then create two of them and combine for a mega explosion. If you need help you can use our Candy Crush Cheats generator.

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