Why Candy Crush Saga is popular?

Candy Crush Popularity

Candy Crush is a free gaming app in which you match two similar candies and get a reward when all the required matchings are done in the level. Upon matching, the candies disappear off creating a sound in the background. Ever since it is been released the number of people playing it is in the billions. The game has reached to such a level of addiction that it is said, the company is almost near to making 1 billion dollars. For some it is a stupid game which simply wastes time while for others, it is their sanctuary. However, it is observed quite thoroughly that the people who claim to hate it, usually starts playing it due to curiosity and then slowly turn into the typical game lovers. Of course there are exceptions now and then but one thing is pretty much clear. It is the most downloaded game in the history of free games and surpasses popular games like Call of Duty, Farmville etc. While many researchers want to know the reason behind the popularity of this game, there are many who came up with their own theories. Then there are some who have plausible explanations for this addiction. What do I think? Well I think the reason the people adore this game is because of the bright colors, light soft sounds, beautiful themes and of course candy.

Top 5 popularity reasons Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Cheats Candy Crush popular1. Bright Colors
When a person is thrown into a room full of colors, he/she usually gets a smile on their face. Think about it, anytime you see colors, you can’t help but smile. Your concentration is fully focused upon those bright colors and they make you happy for no reason. Candy crush opens with a variety of colors which instantly attracts a person hence why they spend time playing it.
2. Light Sounds
While many are usually annoyed by sounds and simply mute their devices, there are a few who enjoy them. Not the shrill ones but the soft, light sounds. Candy crush give you exactly that and then adds in a bit of delicious and other compliments too which enable the person to strive for more.
3. Beautiful Themes
Again this game comes with bright colorful, beautiful themes. The themes change our mood and we are excited to play the game once more.
4. Candy
according to some people out there, looking at the array of candy gives them a sense of nostalgia. Their childhood and candies are reminded them of it and hence they play the game in order to feed their brain with more memories.
5. Competitiveness
Since the game is affiliated with Facebook therefore upon seeing a friend’s scoreboard shared on his call creates a sense of competition in your mind and your desire to beat him/her hence you play it more and more to get better and beat her/his record.

Conclusion to the popularity of Candy Crush Saga

Hence from having an inspection of above all, it is better to insinuate that Candy Crush is simply addictive because of the attractiveness it offers and while people seem shallow when you put it that way, keep in mind that they are human. You should try playing it, I am sure you will love it too.

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