Candy Crush Saga hack

A Candy Crush Saga hack might be the solution

It does not matter if you are an experienced Candy Crusher or new to the game, you just want to keep on playing. Once you start you will soon realize that a new life will come after a 30 minute period. Yes, half an hour!

How can you hack Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Cheats Candy Crush Saga hack Candy Crush Cheats has after developing for several months created a code that will deliver you gold bars free of charge. The only thing we are asking for, is that you share the website because there are more Candy Crush lovers out there.

  • Select the amount of gold bars that would like. You can choose out of 50, 500 and even 1000 Candy Crush Saga gold bars. 1000 Candy Crush gold bars will most definitely give you the playing time you would like!
  • In order to get the gold bars on your Candy Crush account you need to make a connection with Facebook. Therefore a simple share will be sufficient. You can either share through Facebook or Google Plus. With Google Plus their will be a transfer of the gold bars based on the IP address that you are generating from.
  • The last step to complete this Candy Crush hack is unfortunately necessary. While the internet is rapidly evolving the amount of spam, website hackers and so on, is increasing. As protection of this Candy Crush hack it is asked to complete one simple offer. This is a different offer for every country. An offer is completing a survey, downloading an app or just a simple email submit.

Once these 3 steps are completed the Candy Crush gold bars will be available in your Candy account in approximately 24 hours. Therefore, make sure you will get enough so you will not run out of gold bars. Waiting 24 hours and not being able to play Candy Crush Saga is a very long time.

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