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Candy Crush Saga game facts

Candy Crush Saga is a free game but makes its money through in game purchases. For example, in the last 3 months of 2013 it made 493 million dollars on selling virtual items. The saga game is not unique, it is simple and still it can get people hooked. Many people say that the Candy Crush addict under us are simple minded people. But you would be surprised who are the actual players of this game. Not the typical nerds but mothers, fathers, employers and so on. And the most unexpected is that they are not just occasional gamers, you could call them hardcore game players! Many hours of gaming are spend during traveling, in waiting lines and around bedtime. Every day there is someone new bumping into another person while being focused on their phone, guess what, Candy Crush Saga.

Why is Candy Crush Saga so popular?

Candy Crush Cheats Saga GameConnecting and playing through Facebook gave Candy Saga a huge boost in amount of players. And since it is possible to manage your sending invitations not everyone will get free candy crush lives anymore. This was another big contribution to the total active players. Candy Crush does not have to be played on a big television screen, instead a smartphone or tablet will be sufficient. This makes it so much easier to quickly fill up the time when you will be on the toilet for example.

Why do you need cheats in the Candy Crush game?

With help of free candy crush gold bars you will be able to keep playing your favorite game without any hassle. By making connection through your Facebook account you get the gold bars on your account after a human verification. Many people are getting stuck in, for example, level 70. For some players this will not be any problem and after a while they make it by themselves or with help of friends. But when you keep getting stuck at Candy Crush Saga level 70 what do you need to do? At Candy Crush Cheats we do not want one level to result in less sweetness. Therefore quickly select your preferred amount of gold bars and make connection with Facebook so you can enjoy that sweetness again!

Marketing of Candy Crush Saga

This article first showed you some basic facts about Candy Crush that you did not know before. Secondly you read why the saga game is so popular and you would need cheats, but this is not all. The makers, King, have been heavily investing in promoting the game to not make it just a one-time hit. While also mentioned earlier Facebook had some contributions in promoting, much of the marketing budget was spend on television advertising. King did not only left it with Candy Crush Saga but extended the Saga games with several different names all based on the same concept. Fortunately for the makers, all the ‘same concept’ games did not influenced the number of players. All games are very popular and Saga has a big potential in the gaming world.

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