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We have all heard of Candy Crush? But what is it about? Why is it famous? What do people get from it? Candy crush was a game invented on Facebook. It came to life on 12th April, 2012. The original game is a web-browser based videogame. PC version of Candy Crush is available, believe it or not. The game has an online version, PC version and a mobile version. The PC version was made available on Microsoft Windows on 29th July, 2015. The setup has a file size of almost 450 megabytes. You can download Candy Crush for PC for free. But Candy Crush includes in game buy-ins. This is similar to the well known mobile version.

Candy Crush Concept

Candy Crush Cheats Candy crush for pcThe concept is that of a puzzle game. You have to combine items in groups of three. The board size of the game is 9x9 and it is filled with all sorts of different types of candy. The challenge is to align the candies in groups of three, in a horizontal or vertical manner. You can swap the candies in order to make a successful trio. With each successful combination of one group of candy, the trio gets eliminated and a person is awarded scores. Each level of the puzzle includes new challenges, which the person has to foresee. New obstacles make it a hindrance to achieve the finesse of perfect combinations.

Candy Crush PC Challenge

All the game puzzles can be found in separate game levels. Initially, a player is given five lives to begin with. All the players are challenged to meet up the stage objective, which has a set minimum score. If no goal is met, a life is lost. After every half an hour, a life is restored. Additionally, you can even plead for a new life by sharing it on social media. If your friend decides to gift you a life, you get awarded with a new life. You also have the facility of in game buy-ins.

Sweet PC Graphics

The game has sweet graphics. It is bright and colorful. The graphics may appear cliche and the concept feels ordinary. But at the end of the day, you must agree that they make a good time pass and make you smile after a long weary day.

Candy Crush Popularity On PC

No matter what the haters say behind the back of candy crush. Candy crush is closely associated with the life of the majority internet users. Particularly teens are most influenced by candy crush. It has a huge cult following on social media. Thousands of people play it online, or download the official version of Windows 10. It is the most popular app of Facebook and even with the hackneyed graphics, people love the concept and ease of playing of candy crush.

Candy Crush In Pop Culture

Candy crush has been so much popular throughout its existence; it has appeared on a variety of pop culture occasions. A fake YouTube video has been made which claims to be a trailer of the movie of candy crush. Even though it’s fake, it has 14 million views. Candy crush has also been shown inside a music video of a popular song. The song of PSY “Gentleman” features the game candy crush.

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