Candy Crush Saga lives

What are Candy Crush lives?

As a newbie on Candy Crush Saga you will start off with just 5 lives. For a game as addictive as Candy Crush you might think it would not be enough. However, in the beginning even the less skillful Candy Crush addicts can manage to complete the levels without wasting any Candy Crush lives. Unfortunately for most players the level of the game will improve faster than the Candy skills of the player. While you slowly get stuck on that one level, frustrations are getting more and more serious. What can you do once you run out of Candy Crush lives but their is still so much Candy left?

How to get free lives on Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Cheats Candy Crush LivesThe makers of your favorite game Candy Crush, King,  gave you 3 options:

  • Wait 30 minutes for your next free Candy Crush live
  • Make an in-app purchase and buy your way out
  • Invite your Facebook friends to play Candy Crush Saga

How do these Candy Crush options work out:

The smart people behind Saga obviously wanted to make revenue. They made the app monetized by so called in-app purchases. With an in-app purchase you can buy extra lives or other Candy Boosters in the Candy Bank. A purchase can be made by credit card, iTunes credit or Google Play credit.
The other option is to send invitations to your Facebook friends. By setting up this free advertisement, Candy Crush managed to spread its awareness rapidly.

What can Candy Crush Cheats do for you?

Not everybody has unlimited resources and can spend money on a beautiful game. Not everybody has time to wait 30 minutes once they run out of lives. And no one want to keep bother their friends on social media with game requests. At you can get Candy Crush Saga Gold Bars for free. By selecting the preferred amount, sharing this website (no game requests) and a simple human verification the Candy Crush Gold Bars will be in your account in no time. To make sure you have these Candy Gold Bars when you need them the most, use the generator on time. Our Candy Bank is open 24/7.

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