Candy Crush Gold Bars


Select the amount of Candy Crush gold bars you want.

We make the gold bars available and afterwards you have to connect with Facebook to assign the gold bars to your account.

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Follow a couple of easy steps to get your free Candy Crush Gold Bars.


1. Share on Facebook to connect with Candy Crush.

2. Redeem your gold bars at the Candy bank, enjoy!

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Click here to get your free Candy Crush Gold Bars. We have developed a Gold Bar generator which creates the possibility to generate Candy Crush Gold Bars for Candy Crush Saga. The Gold Bars generated with the Gold Bar generator can be redeemed direct in the Candy Bank. It is not necessary to buy the Gold Bars, just start generating them with our generator. This Candy Crush Saga Gold Bars hack is unique and the generator uses a specific algorithm which is only available here on The generator leads to a final step where you can find a link to a movie which shows you how to get the free Gold Bars. Not: the gold bars are downloaded to your account. The movie may show you how it works, try to find out.

You don’t need to buy Gold Bars to pass that hard level. Candy Crush level 70 is a very hard one and when you have Gold Bars you don’t need to wait for new lives. Besides this it ables you also to buy special candies which may help you during the game. We show you a way where you can see how to get free Gold Bars to complete all Candy Crush levels.

Be the best in Candy Crush Saga and get your free Candy Crush Gold Bars now!

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