Candy Crush Saga the game

What is the popular Candy Crush game?

Candy Crush saga is a match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012. The first versions were solely released for IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 10. The Candy Crush game became available for the computer very short after. It is and was very popular to play the game through the platform of Facebook.

The goal of the Candy Crush game

The Candy Crush game In Candy Crush Saga the objective is to get as much points as possible and complete all the levels. By forming combinations of matching candies from the same color and shape you pass a level. The basic formation is three in a row but also special candies can be formed like four in a row which will result in a stripe. Another type is the bomb which explodes, this type arises when the T-formation or 5 in an angle formation is created. The ultimate combination is the five in a row which results in the super candy. Swiping with this one results in a destroying boost of all the candies with the striped candy shape.

Special Candies Candy Crush

An additional option in the game is that all those special candies also can be swiped with each other to create even more powerful boosters. Swiping a striped candy with a packed candy (the bomb) results in a three rows destroyer in up, down and both side directions. Combining two bombs results in a twice much heavier bomb. When you combine two striped candies it results in a single up, down and side booster. Just like the three rows version but then just a single row destroyer. Sometimes you will need to use several combinations of special candies in order to complete the level.

Candy Obstacles

In other Candy Crush Saga levels chocolate, locks and ice are introduced to make the levels harder. Chocolate pops up when no candies in the surrounding area are destroyed. When chocolate gets destroyed, the underlying Candy shows up again, so you need to destroy the same spot twice. The same holds for the locks but the locks do not come back. To complete the levels, it is also possible to use additional candies which can be earned during the Saga. When you cannot wait any longer it is also possible to buy gold bars in the candy store. These gold bars are used to buy lives or other special candies. If you do not have that much money or don't want to spend it on the game, it is possible to use Candy Crush Cheats and get free Candy Crush Gold Bars.

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