Candy Crush Addiction

Are You Addicted to Candy Crush?

One of the most popular games was introduced about 3 to 4 years ago, CANDY CRUSH SAGA. Now the name sounds familiar, doesn't it? We all have played it, our parents and grandparents too. Some of us took it just for leisure time but some of us became addicts and some still cannot shake it off their heads. All those game designers out there, they surely are well aware of our psyche. They introduce a new game after every few months and half of our generation gets addicted.

What Candy Crush Saga Can Do With Your Brain

Candy crush has been the most played game of the year 2016. People of all ages have been playing it. It was like a giant wave that took all the people in it. King, the company that owns candy crush, has a net worth of 7.1 billion dollars. The net worth of the company has decreased recently. However, it was not enough to put the company down. It is estimated that it is played by 93 million people at different times of the day. People accept the fact that the game is quite addictive. Even if they delete the game from their phone, something makes them reinstall and play the game again. People find the game very addictive and they come back to it from time to time. There are many reasons why there are too many people downloading and spending a lot of their valuable time in playing instead of doing something productive.

Candy Crush is easy to play

Candy Crush Cheats addictionFirst reason for people to spend a lot of their time on the game is that the game is very easy to play. The game is designed in a way that even a child could play it. Our friends made us play it at first and then we made other friends play it too. The fire spread so fast that neither of us realized when we became Candy Crush addicts. We played it during our work hours (under the desk maybe), doing house chores, walking and worst of all some of us took it to such a serious level that we played it in the bathrooms too.

Dopamine and Candy Crush

Initially, the game is very easy to play. The player just has to match the three similar candies and score. A couple of stages, in the beginning, are very simple. The system provides opportunities for the players if they score. The leveling up is quite effortless. The struggle of 1 more level was real because that one last level never came. We kept playing putting all other important tasks aside. Now the player gains small rewards each time they score better. These small doses make the player excited every time. This happens as the player receive bonuses and now their brain releases dopamine. This dopamine is a neurotransmitter which makes the player excited and pumped up for what comes next. This makes the gamer addicted to the game.

Lucky day with Candy Crush

Candy crush saga plays a completely different strategy in order to attract the people to play their game. The game is not about what strategy or techniques the player uses, it is about luck mostly. If you analyze how many games you win, chances are that you will find that the number of games you lost is greater than the number of games that you won. This does not leave the player in despair. This makes the gamer play more games and spend more time on the application. This is the same technique opted by the slot machine as well. The chance of winning the game is very small. However, it is enough to make you come back each time with the hope that today will be your lucky day.

Candy Crush Addiction Psychology

Addiction Candy Crush
The fourth and the most important addicting factor is that the game uses food. Food is itself the most addicting factor. If you consider the slot machine, it also uses food item. Thus, candy crush uses the same strategy to attract their players and come back every single time.

Candy Crush Requests?

You even annoyed the hell out of those friends who were not interested in the game by sending them constant candy crush requests. We literally came across such statuses like “Sarah please stop sending me candy crush requests because I am not going to play it till I die”.
• The new updates in the game kept us hooked to it and we even tried its video game.
• Tiffi and Mr. toffee’s sweet adventure made the children’s’ parents go bitter with them because ever seen a kid who does not like candies?
• The offline feature gave us another reason to play all the time and kept our minds busy. And when we realized that we were having candy crush withdrawals, we took online tests to check if we are addicted or not. Now can you tell if you are addicted to candy crush saga or not?

The extent of addiction can be analyzed when one of the mothers forget their kids at school while playing candy crush.

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