20 Facts About Candy Crush

Top 20 Facts About Candy Crush

While Candy Crush continues on trapping more people with the help of its sweetness, you should know that there are some interesting facts about this game. Facts you have probably never bothered with before. Anyways following are some interesting facts about Candy Crush Saga.

The Candy Crush Facts

Candy Crush Cheats Facts1. The amount of users Candy Crush has per month is 332 million so you can say that one tenth of the population is under the spell of this game.
2. Candy Crush is even popular among the celebrities and they proudly admit the fact that they are playing.
3. Candy Crush has its own customized t- shirts, mugs etc.
4. The main users of candy crush consist of women. About 69% play this game and thoroughly enjoying it at a high level hence increasing the level of addiction.
5. It has said to make a cameo presence in PSY’s music video ‘Gentlemen’.
6. It is the most popular game on Facebook right now.
7. The amount of levels in 167 episodes reach up to 2485 hence people being too busy to remove their heads from the game and focus on their jobs or daily works.
8. The colors in candy crush ignite the people to play more.
9. It is said that the most hardest level is 297.
10. The jelly levels are said to be hated by the people a lot. I believe it’s because the bland crystal looking jelly with no such attraction or motivation to go on with it.
11. This game is extremely popular at Hong Kong and has even reached Antarctica because of its extensive use.
12. The app is said to consume more than 8500000 dollars per day so imagine how much would it possibly get in one year.
13. By seeing something wonderful and popular, we somehow want to own it. Similar is the case with Candy Crush. Due to the beautiful candies available on your screen, people have started to make edibles with same flavors and shapes. Or pilling them all together in one. Some guy on the internet had a Candy Crush themed cake.
14. Up till now this app has been downloaded 10 million times.
15. The UK has opened a rehabilitation service to those who are addicted to Candy Crush.
16. While most of the people play it because it is fun and free, there are some who will pay money for it to play and finish all the remaining levels.
17. The tags ‘Candy Crush’ has become increasingly popular throughout its growth in online world.
18. It is said that the most hated level is 350 in the game.
19. Etsy has its own particular page about Candy Crush where it sells candy crush related items.
20. In order to receive more lives, some addicts change the settings of their time so they can get more hours to complete level.

Final words about Candy Crush facts

Hence the above facts tell us that Candy Crush indeed has surpassed the credit of all games and is the most played game in the history of games. It is a game made for children, men and women hence people can enjoy it freely without calling it childish or difficult.

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